On February 24, 2016 Customs and Border Protection (CBP) seized 41 hoverboards with counterfeit batteries (click here for the press release). The batteries in the recent seizure are alleged to have a counterfeit “Samsung” trademark. The allegedly counterfeit Samsung batteries and others like them have been the objects of ongoing seizure activities by CBP. According to CBP’s website, since January 2016, at least 10 different hoverboard shipments have been seized on suspicion of counterfeit batteries. CBP’s main goals in seizing the hoverboards are twofold: 1.) to protect the owners of the trademarks being counterfeited; and 2.) to protect the American public from potentially dangerous products. Indeed, hoverboards like the ones recently seized have been involved in fires where the battery packs inside have overheated and combusted. Before the holiday shopping season, CBP issued a press release warning consumers of the potential dangers involving hoverboards.  Anybody interested in importing these fun and popular items would be well advised to seek counsel that can help them ascertain the provenance of the hoverboards’ component parts. CBP will be looking.