Repealing Russia’s Most Favored Nation Status?

By the time Russian troops invaded Ukraine on February 24 as part of a “special military operation” to “liberate” Ukraine from “bad actors,” the global community was already denouncing Russian President Vladimir Putin's aggressive machinations and actively exploring measured retaliatory economic sanctions and trade restrictions options such as revoking Russia's "most favored nation" status.

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Biden Signs Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act

On December 23, President Biden signed a new law into effect that bans all imports from Xinjiang, China. Specifically, the new law creates a rebuttable presumption that any product mined, produced, or manufactured in Xinjiang was made using forced labor. The bill, which passed both houses with almost unanimous support, illustrates the Government, and by extension CBP’s, willingness to use the provisions of 19 U.S.C 1307 to crack down on forced labor violators.

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Should the Customs Brokerage Function Ever be Moved In-House?

From time to time companies importing ask us whether it is advisable to move their customs brokerage function in-house for the purpose of filing its own entries to save some money.  Our answer is always “NO, don’t do it.” One Importer’s Nightmare One of our clients to be, a Southwest based importer, hired a customs [...]

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It may not be too late to apply for retroactive GSP!!!

We have recently encountered several cases where, for one reason or another, importers did not apply for retroactive GSP prior to the December 28th deadline.  We have thoroughly researched the issue and we believe that it is possible in many instances to successfully apply for retroactive GSP – even now. If you or any importers have missed [...]

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G&J Welcomes Keith C. Hennessee

Keith C. Hennessee has joined Givens & Johnston after extensive, high level in-house experience serving most recently as Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer for National Oilwell Varco for four years; prior to that as Assistant General Counsel for Halliburton for 12 years; and prior to that as Director of Government Affairs with Dresser Industries, and [...]

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Texas Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association Conference

James Garland Hurst and Scott Johnston recently presented at the Texas Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association Conference.  The conference took place between Thursday, August 13, 2015 and Saturday, August 15, 2015, in San Antonio Texas.  James Hurst presented on the Broker Known Importer Program (BKIP) and its impact both importers and customs brokers.  Scott Johnston [...]

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