Biden Signs Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act

On December 23, President Biden signed a new law into effect that bans all imports from Xinjiang, China. Specifically, the new law creates a rebuttable presumption that any product mined, produced, or manufactured in Xinjiang was made using forced labor. The bill, which passed both houses with almost unanimous support, illustrates the Government, and by extension CBP’s, willingness to use the provisions of 19 U.S.C 1307 to crack down on forced labor violators.

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Advance Rulings: Limiting Your USMCA Import Liability

Every importer of record needs to make declarations to Customs regarding tariff classification, valuation, origin of imported goods, and more. Incorrect declarations can lead to long term and expensive problems for the importer. The best way to limit your USMCA import liability is to request an advance ruling.

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Givens & Johnston Announcement Regarding Firm Emails

Givens & Johnston wishes to stress that emails sent on behalf of the Firm or its clients, will always originate from an email address with the domain. If you receive a suspicious email alleging to originate from the Firm, avoid opening any attachments and give our office a call.

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UPDATED Section 232: President Announces New “Derivative Product” Applicability

On January 24, 2020 President Trump announced in Proclamation 9980 that a new tranche of goods will be subject to the Section 232 duties that apply to Aluminium and Steel (10% and 25% respectively).   These good are considered to be "Derivative Products" of the previously covered articles. The factors considered are: a) the aluminum article [...]

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Keeping Your Manifest Data Confidential

Importers, does it concern you that much information on shipping manifests covering merchandise shipped to your company is freely available to everyone.  Thus, your competitors can identify your suppliers or shippers, your imported merchandise, the consignees, and many other details re each shipment.  They may find this information very helpful – to them. If you [...]

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Section 232 Investigation

Trump orders investigation into steel imports: On April 20, 2017, President Trump announced that the Commerce Department, initiated an investigation under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962, to determine “the effects of steel imports on national security”.  Under Section 232, and other related statutes, the President has broad powers to impose trade [...]

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