The International Trade Commission (USITC) gave notice announcing the institution of investigations on imports of certain carbon and alloy steel cut-to-length plate from Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Taiwan, and Turkey.

The products covered by these investigations include certain carbon and alloy steel hot-rolled or forged flat plate products not in coils, whether or not painted, varnished, or coated with plastics or other nonmetallic substances (cut-to-length plate). This includes:

(1) Universal mill plates (i.e., flat-rolled products rolled on four faces or in a closed box pass, of a width exceeding 150 mm but not exceeding 1250 mm, and of a thickness of not less than 4 mm, which are not in coils and without patterns in relief), and;

(2) Hot-rolled or forged flat steel products of a thickness of 4.75 mm or more and of a width which exceeds 150 mm and measures at least twice the thickness, and which are not in coils, whether or not with patterns in relief.

Excluded from the scope of the antidumping duty investigation on cut-to-length plate from China are any products covered by the existing antidumping duty order on certain cut-to-length carbon steel plate from the People’s Republic of China.

The steel plate is typically provided for in subheadings 7208.40, 7208.51, 7208.52, 7211.13, 7211.14, 7225.40, 7226.20, and 7226.91 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS).

Click here to view the ITA’s fact sheet related to these investigations.